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Most waterproofing companies will do what has always been done – trenching out the solid fill around the inside perimeter of basement floors, exposing the foundation, removing the solid concrete and earth fill, to relieve hydrostatic pressure from under your basement floor. This works by interrupting the water table. As it rises in the earth, the water is allowed to move through a slotted tile that is surrounded by river gravel that is installed in the trench.

The problem with river gravel is – it has been at the bottom of rivers for possibly hundreds of years – absorbing anything and everything. Andit is sold immediately after being pulled from rivers, without being washed or treated. From there it is installed in the trench of the waterproofing system, and never gets a chance to dry out. So the potential for future mold growth is very real – and you won’t know about it until you or someone in your family is sickened by mold exposure.

Because gravel-based systems can break down over time – which can create the ideal moist conditions for mold to grow – you can’t possibly know what’s lurking under your concrete floor until after the waterproofing job has been completed.

So why not consider the innovation that is revolutionizing the industry? Hydra Stone GL is the new safe, and earth-friendly alternative to gravel in your waterproofing system. Made from hollow, ¾” polyethylene tubes that are 1 inch long, it eliminates the potential for biological hazards – and moisture content in your home from river gravel. Best of all, it increases the performance of your waterproofing system, because the water flow is superior to rock by 100%!

Remember: no moisture = no mold or biological contaminants! That’s why we’re proud to offer you Hydra Stone GL. It’s the healthiest, cleanest, longest-lasting -- and driest -- basement waterproofing system available!

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